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For events such as weddings, showers and parties at your home, Elbmac Designs has a number of products you can lease to beautify your space. They include cranes, 3D star lanterns, 3D origami and lucky stars. We’ll show you the different ways you can place our lucky stars and hang our 3D star lanterns. They come in different colors and sizes to suit your desired look.

Lease 3D star lanterns

3D Star lanterns spark admiration to anyone who who gets the chance to interact with them. A group of them build an atmosphere of elegance and bloom to parties. They’re handmade using strong paper and their exterior creatively designed to bring out the allure intended.

Paper cranes

Cranes are the most popular and classic of all Japanese origami. A thousand cranes strung together is called SENBAZURU. They are a symbol of peace, good health and longevity. Cranes add color to your home decor as well as planned occasion. Use them as backdrops for your wedding. Lease these beautiful and colorful cranes from us now.

Lease 3D origami

3D origami is captivating and provoking. It come in various colors connected fascinatingly into a number of shaped like stars and cubes. Hang them to glamorize your party and enhance your theme color.