Write on walls

Write on walls with our decals. Our collection is specifically catered for you. Whether italicized or bold, we can make your words stand out beautifully.

Lucky stars

These origami stars also known as lucky stars are a symbol of love and good luck. Hang them on ceilings, stick them on frames and fill them in jars.

Vinyl decals

Decals are decorative stickers placed on walls to beautify or pass across a specific message. We make butterfly, star and heart shaped. vinyl decals.

Spread the Love

Spread the love with 3D paper hearts. This is how we do it here at Elbmac Designs. From pink to blue, these models will have you holding your heart.

It’s all Love

Say ‘ I love you’ without talking and convey your desire without speaking. Come see how we share love at Elbmac using 3D origami jewellery box.

3D Star Lanterns

Twinkle twinkle little star… Don’t wonder anymore. We have 3D star lanterns for you to touch, hang and light up your event. Grab one for yourself.


Write your own message. Sometimes words speak louder than actions and paper-cuts touch more than notes. Order yours now from our collection.

Wall Butterflies

Bring nature inside your home and office with our wall butterflies. They come in different sizes and colours and make your space come alive.

Brighten your wall

Let us turn your wall into an attraction. Whether framed or frame-less, frames have a way of putting a smile on your wall and a laugh on your shelf.